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May 21, 2021

Copy Love: Lunch Money

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What is Lunch Money?

Lunch Money is a personal finance web app designed to help users track expenses, build savings and get a handle on their money matters.

The love list

There's a lot to love about Lunch Money's website copy. To keep things focused, here are my top three favourites:

  • Delightfully simple copy
  • Strong call to value
  • Crystal clear benefits

Delightfully simple copy

Lunch Money sells itself on simplicity, so it’s only right their tone of voice should be uncomplicated and straight to the point.

Not a word is wasted while giving a neat overview of the app’s main features and how these can make your life easier.

It’s calm and orderly—presumably to mirror how you feel when Lunch Money helps you get on top of your finances. No sensationalism. No hard sell. Just clear, succinct copy that tells you exactly what you need to know. Lovely.

Strong call to value

I love, love, love the animated sign up button in their homepage hero banner. It flashes through all the accomplishments Lunch Money could help you achieve. 

It’s a brilliantly unobtrusive way to pack in all the benefits of the app above the fold and an example of the power of a call to value rather than just a call to action. This is then repeated in the CTA at the bottom of the homepage to close strong by doubling down on the benefits.

Serious professional envy over here.

Crystal clear benefits

Lunch Money go heavy on their features. Each is treated to its own page with a concise overview relating to clear, relevant benefits. 

Double points to Gryffindor for tying in specific social proof linked to these benefits—substantiated claims are always the most powerful. 

In fact, Lunch Money are masterful in the use of social proof throughout their website. Take a look at Why Lunch Money?

Testimonials arranged by theme build a strong narrative with minimal copy. It communicates their values as a company while building confidence in their offering. I’m sold!

Room for improvement?

Full disclosure—I originally wrote this piece a few months ago based on a previous iteration of Lunch Money's homepage. My one point for improvement then was more clarity on exactly what and who the app is for. It took me a second longer than I’d like to work out it’s designed for personal finance, rather than business budgeting

Here's their old hero:

My suggestion was to add “personal” to the second heading on their homepage to fix this:

But as you can see, they've gone one better and included it in their new hero. Great minds and all that!

The final verdict

A masterclass in the power of simplicity, with exemplary use of social proof throughout. File under "keep it simple, stupid".