2020 Samples
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2020 Samples

A round-up of the amazing projects I was lucky enough to work on in 2020.

Web copy
Blog posts

So long 2020

You’ve been the most exhaustingly bizarre year of my life. And yet, despite personal, professional and pandemic-related challenges, you’ve also been my most successful year in business on record.

Turnover is way up on last year, and the calibre of clients I’ve partnered with has consistently exceeded my wildest dreams. All of which I’m eternally grateful for. But that doesn’t mean it’s been easy.

I got there by grit and grim determination, believe me. But get there I did. So, as I crawl over the finish line of 2020 and collapse in a heap, I’d like to take a look back at some of the amazing projects I was lucky enough to work on this year.

Before I go into detail, here’s a top level summary of the work I managed to cram into the last 366 days (no wonder I’m shattered!):

-Websites: 15 (141 pages in total)
-Blog posts and articles: 22
-Email newsletters: 3
-Email sales sequences: 2
-Video scripts: 1
-Brochures: 1
-Brand positioning projects: 1

Web copy and blog posts are my bread and butter, and most of the other work I did was spun-out from these.

Now, those details I promised you…

Here are some copywriting samples from projects I worked on in 2020. In some cases I’ve featured the final copy, and in other cases it’s draft copy that didn’t make the cut but I feel deserves a showcase.

Web copy for a VR training company

Web copy for a leadership coach

Web copy for a genome sequencing company (name redacted)

Web copy for a drinks company

Web copy for a home care provider

Onwards and upwards to 2021. If you’ve got a project you’d like me to work on, I’d love to hear from you (hello@felicitywild.com).

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