June 2020


Beautifully effective virtual reality training simulations. Welcome to the future of learning.

Verbal identity
Website copy

The client

Pixaera are a technology company working to develop the world’s best immersive learning for the workplace and beyond. They are a young, ambitious group currently selling their training simulations to giants of the oil and gas industry.

The brief

Pixaera needed copy for their website (designed by digital agency Series Eight) to explain in clear, simple yet powerful terms what they do, how they do it and what makes them different.

They wanted people to feel excited about the possibilities of their products and confident in the value (and scalability) of immersive learning. They aimed to impress potential customers by showcasing the benefits of their immersive learning products, while breaking down barriers to entry by demonstrating the simplicity of their process.

Tone of voice was to be bold, confident and refreshing. But also credible (no jargon or false promises) and approachable. People need to feel inspired to get in touch and join them on their journey, not intimidated by their technology.

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