June 2021


This isn’t rice as you know it. This is Veetee—rice unleashed. And we’re putting it right back at the centre of the plate.

Verbal identity
Website copy

The client

Veetee are a family-owned rice brand on a mission to turn rice doubters into believers.

The brief

Veetee have always aimed to make home cooked rice easier, better and fluffier than ever before. And with their 2021 rebrand they took this one step further. They wanted to wake up the industry by heading into uncharted territory where rice—and their customers—had never been before. 

In collaboration with Circle Agency, I developed a bold new verbal identity as part of Veetee's daring rebrand. From this foundation, I wrote website copy, video scripts and social media posts to get people excited about rice and turn the sector on its head.

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