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The client

The Barry Callebaut Group are the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products.

The projects

I’ve worked on various projects for Barry Callebaut and their imprints as well as regularly contributing articles to Hot Chocolate, their internal magazine. Here’s a selection of my favourites.

Showcasing Bensdorp cocoa powder

Bensdorp, an imprint of the Barry Callebaut Group, are masters in crafting cocoa powders and specialities. Their bi-annual Masters in Cocoa Chefs Days are designed to showcase the versatility of their diverse product range.

I provided copy to promote their most recent event and inspire culinary curiosity in Bensdorp’s customers.


Introducing Solo Gelato

Solo Gelato collaborated with Barry Callebaut to develop a NESPRESSO-style capsule system that makes instant fresh ice cream.

I was commissioned to write an article telling the story of their relationship and how they are working together to melt the ice cream industry.

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I'm blown away by the quality of your writing. Your storytelling skill and ability to understand such a complex subject with ease is super impressive.

Nora Nandori​, Global Brand Manager Cocoa, Barry Callebaut

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