Your brilliant business + my website copywriting service = a website that helps your dreams come true

(more leads, higher sales, adoring fans, business growth)

If I could guess one thing about you, it’s that you know good copy is crucial to a website's success.

You understand it’s the key to climbing search engine rankings, attracting more (and better qualified) leads, turning browsers into buyers and your biggest fans, and consistently delighting your loyal and valued customers. Who wouldn’t want all that?

But writing your own website’s copy is hard. Seriously. Even copywriters like me struggle DIY-ing it. Finding the words to do your business justice is like getting in a fight with a Twitter troll. It’s frustrating, time-consuming and can leave you feeling disheartened and doubting your sanity.

This is where I can help. When you work with me, you get words for your website and digital marketing that bring your brand to life online and deliver tangible, meaningful results for your business.

That’s why ambitious clients across the UK and around the world work with me. Because I write creative, conversational web copy that supports their goals and helps their business dreams come true. And I’d love to do the same for you.

Website Copywriting Packages

I offer three website copywriting packages to suit different needs and budgets. Take a look and find one that works for you. If you need something else, no worries. Contact me and we can work out how I can help you.



If you’ve got a brand new website you’d like to fill with crisp, clean copy. Or, if you want to chuck your existing web copy and start again. This is the package for you.

I’ll work with you to set out your strategy, define your key messages and refine your brand’s tone of voice. All with the aim of developing web copy with wow factor that delivers returns.

Your investment: from £2,000 for a basic website
Turnaround: approx 4 weeks (depending on size)

I’ve got space for copy overhauls from October 2020.



Perhaps your website isn’t your main priority at the moment but a couple of pages need some TLC. Or, maybe your budget’s tight so you need to focus on a few select areas.

Either way, you can’t justify a full copy overhaul right now. Which is where my copy touch-up package comes in. 

I’ll sharpen up two pages of your web copy to breathe life into neglected corners of your website and get them working harder for you.

Your investment: £1,000 for rewriting two standard pages 
Turnaround: approx 2 weeks 

I’ve got space for copy touch-ups from October 2020.



You can’t afford a copywriter so you’ve invested in your skills and learnt to write your own copy.

You’re pretty happy with the results (and so you should be, you’ve worked damn hard). But, you’d like a pro to double check your copy is tip top.

Hi, that’s me! I’ll take a look at your website (and delve into the analytics) to give my professional opinion.  My advice will be practical, actionable and focused on making your copy perform at its very best.

Your investment: from £750 for a basic website
Turnaround: approx 1 week 

I’ve got space for copy reviews from October 2020 .

How it works

My website copywriting process

My process is designed to keep every project moving swiftly and efficiently towards an end result we’ll both be thrilled with.

We’ll start with a free 30 minute consultation to discuss what you want your new web copy to achieve and how I can help you get there.

I’ll ask about your business objectives, focus areas and how you serve your target audience so we can have a clear, shared view of the project ahead.

Based on this discussion, I’ll package together the goals, deliverables, timeline and price in a project proposal.

If you decide to hire me, I’ll ask you to sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit to get your project in my diary.

My lead time is usually between two and three weeks for working with a new client.

You’ve hired me – awesome. Before I can get to work writing, we need to dive into the detail of your copy with a kick-off meeting.

You’ve already told me your broad goals but now it’s time to talk about tone of voice, key messages, style, your target audience and how you plan on measuring the success of your new copy.

After this, I’ll give send you a  summary our discussion and outline the approach I plan to take with your copy.

Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with my approach, it’s time for me to get to work on the first draft of your copy.

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on with regular progress updates.

Once my first draft is complete, I’ll send it to you for review in the format we’ve agreed (usually Google Docs but it can be a wireframe or on a staging site).

One round of amends (within the scope of the original brief) is included in my project quotes.

Feedback should be delivered to me within our agreed timeframe, usually two working days. After you’ve reviewed my work, I’ll make any edits needed within two working days.

You confirm you’re happy with my work and it’s ready to launch.

I’ll then send over an invoice for the remaining 50% balance to be paid within 30 days.

Get in touch

Ready to get started?

Send me an email to arrange a free 30 minute consultation and get the ball rolling.