Hello, I’m felicity wild

Freelance creative copywriter

Hi, I'm Felicity, a freelance creative copywriter. Loosely, I specialise in writing copy for lifestyle, fashion, food and tech brands. More importantly, I work with organisations with a strong voice, a clear vision and an ambition to shake up the status quo.

I'm not a rebel without a cause though—there's method to the madness.

You see, when it comes to copy, most of your competitors are playing it safe. They’re recycling old ideas. Flying under the radar with words that do very little for their business or their bottom line. Luckily, this gives you the opportunity to shine.

With creative, conversational copy you can cut through the noise, capture attention and hook in more of your ideal customers.

It's my job as a copywriter to get you there.

A little bit of backstory

I’ve been a copywriter for the best part of a decade and had the honour of helping some exceptional brands put their wild ideas into words.

After studying English Literature and Publishing at university, I had a series of general marketing roles and realised it was the copywriting bits of these jobs that got me out of bed in the morning.

I decided to focus on this and cut my teeth working in-house as a digital copywriter before going solo. I made the move to freelancing in 2016 because I wanted a shot at running the show, and I haven’t looked back.

I’m based near Dundee, Scotland, and work with a mix of UK and international clients. Fancy joining them? Let’s talk.

Let's build something big together

The sky's the limit with my words + your amazing business.

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